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Las Americas Tax Services is a tax company overseen by Jessica Fernandez since 1997. Its first location was established on North Main and it is currently located on the Fulton corridorinfront of the new Metro Rail. We provide with a wide range of services for your individual and business needs. Some of the services we provide are: tax solutions, business oversight, bookkeeping and consulting services.

Jessica Fernandez, Senior Tax Consultant and Founder

Jessica Fernandez, Senior Tax Consultant

Jessica once dreamed of running her own business and having the independence to implement her exciting business designs, creative marketing and dedicated customer attention.
When she came across the opportunity to open up her own office within her community she did not hesitate to quickly build relations and loyal clients who have kept Las Americas Tax Services running successfully year after year.
Jessica has continued to grow and implement new ways to keep business fresh and exciting.


We are a growing Tax Consulting company. We look forward to helping you plan, organize and develop tax solutions to meet your needs. Give us a call and put us to work. So let's meet!

Jessica Fernandez, Senior Tax Consultant and Founder

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